Monday, June 10, 2013

Cthulhu Scrimshaw

Britta Miller brings us this piece of faux scrimshaw featuring Cthulhu.


Mystic Scholar said...

Very nice work.

Any indication of what creature the bone, or ivory, came from?

Alex Kaeda said...

Seeing things like this, makes me want to get a fake bone from skullsunlimited or somewhere like that, and try scrimshawing and such.

Propnomicon, why do you have to post so many awesome things that provide so many ideas and give so much inspiration?

wait.... dont stop. in the name of all things ancient and forgotten, don't stop. dont ever stop.

SavageGoldfish said...

Hey, creator here. This isn't actually any kind of ivory or bone, fake or otherwise. It's a painted resin cast from a Sculpey sculpture. Fooled ya, didn't I? ;P

Got a "Dagon" version in the works as well.

Mystic Scholar said...

@ SavageGoldfish,

Figured it was something like that, what I meant was . . . what type of creature is is supposed to be from?

Did you intend for it to come from something exotic? Or is it supposed to represent "regular" bone or ivory?

Excellent work. ;)

SavageGoldfish said...

I was just aiming for it to be a regular old sperm whale tooth. Something certain unsavory sailors might carve.

I've seen places you can buy cast sperm whale teeth, for a slightly more "authentic" feel, I guess, than a lump of clay.

Mystic Scholar said...

@Savage Goldfish

Why bother? Your work looks great! Hope to see more of it!