Sunday, April 28, 2013

Turquoise Mosiac Cthulhu Mask

Brandon Zimmerman has been doing some really interesting Mythos pieces. This is one of his best- a Cthulhu cult artifact in the style of a South American turquoise mosaic mask. It would look stunning in a display case.


CoastConFan said...

I’ve got to say that this is one of the most impressive works I have in a long time. Also I liked the excellent back story. I wish the artist indicated if this was indeed made of turquoise or from femo blocks worked up to present in the manner of turquoise (the resolution is too low to tell). Either way, it’s really breathtaking. I can only image the number of hours that went into this prop. Clearly he based the concept on existing pre-Columbian masks as seen here: and here and here .
Again, outstanding!

Naamah said...

That is SO cool and SO strange! I love it!

I've worked with polyclay, and I think it's polyclay. I really do. The edges of the blocks are raised slightly, and the color, while somewhat variegated, doesn't vary quite enough from piece to piece.

But it looks VERY good. And it's creepy as hell.