Friday, April 12, 2013

Not of This Earth

Artist Drew Talbot brings us these very nice alien slugs. The paint job on the dorsal countershading is outstanding.


affliction said...

I am reminded of tooth-prominent sculpts Propnomicon practiced with a few moons back.
The shading on these is not just a wash or drybrush, it is really a mottled coloration.
Another splendid aspect is the weight of it all in the skin - it has insides and a real mass.
It also reminds me of some other techniques Prop has discussed that involve the use of small latex sacks or protective coverings. Well done - thanks for the post!

Naamah said...

Paralyzed by sheer horror, I made a pterodactyl noise that greatly disturbed my cat.

Good work.

Sean said...

Now those are creepy.

Propnomicon said...

@ affliction

I can't help myself. I find toothy worms incredibly disturbing. Heh.

@ Naamah

For some reason that made me laugh out loud.

@ Sean

I think one of the reason's they're so effective are the extended teeth/retracted teeth poses.

Markus said...

I has a lot of similarity to the Carnicits or meat weasel from Peter Jackson´s "King Kong". There is a really fantastic book entitled "The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island", which features not only all the bizarre creatures seen in the movie, but actually a whole ecosystem which was invented for Skull Island, inclduding even a lot of insects and nasty parasites.
But, after all, nature is often even more bizarre than everything you could invent:

Dr. Alien said...

It reminds to me several invertebrate species. Very great work, marvellous !