Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Leprechaun

Jacob Petersson brings us this intriguing specimen discovered at Carrigaphooka Castle. It's a beautiful piece of work.

Remember, the fae are not your friends. They are capricious monsters that should be avoided at all costs. All those cute little butterfly-winged fairies are a clever effort to make people forget that.


Cullan Hudson said...

Sure and Begorrah! I want one for my St. Paddy's day decorations. Ain't he a puddums!?

Jason McKittrick said...

This is really great! They should have one n every Irish Pub!

Jacob Petersson said...

Just wanted to say thanks for featuring this and some of my other stuff. This is a great blog! Glad to hear that you like the Leprechaun.

CoastConFan said...

I liked the leprechaun movie, but Leprechaun in Space was the best.

Up the airy mountain,
Down the rushy glen,
We daren’t go a-hunting
For fear of little men;

Phil said...

Amazing work Jacob!

Unknown said...

Where can I get one