Friday, August 10, 2012

Mummified Vampire Head

Skygunbros brings us this in-progress shot of a mummified vampire head sculpted over a basic Bucky-style plastic skull. Look closely and you'll have a pretty solid guide to creating your own. The eye is automatically drawn to the exaggerated zygomatic arch and orbit, which in turn flows into the pointed ears for a very predatory look. It may seem trivial, but the treatment of the sunken eyelids is really well done. It's hard to capture the look of dessicated flesh in that area without the figure looking too skeletal.


Tóbal said...

UOOOOOH!!! I got two of these cheap skulls just for do some mummified head!
I remember one of your posts about vinilyc teeth that improves the realism of this kind of pieces.
It is a very good prop!!!

Phil said...

I love pictures like this that give us a better idea of how its done. Thanks!

B.R. said...

I've been thinking of doing something similar for some time now, except that I would want just a plain skull with Nosferatu-style incisors and a weathered, dirty look.