Friday, August 3, 2012

Illuminated LARP Weapons

I'm not a huge fan of traditional fantasy LARPs, but these illuminated weapons from the Fantasy Forge armory are pretty cool. Combining combat safe props with internal illumination is an impressive technical achievement.

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CoastConFan said...

LARP weapons have come a long way from the simple items they were just a decade ago. The main caveat of LARP weapons is that they are utterly safe for use, with cosmetics being a distant second. After all, people are striking each other with these foam utensils to score a hit in a game, not do real damage.

Having hung around with SCA folks for decades, I can appreciate how powerful a rattan sword can be, even against good padding and metal armor. I have seen a few concussions and broken collarbones despite the many safeguards and careful thought going into their simulated combats.

I’m really pleased to see the constant evolution LARP boppers and foam weapons from items that took a lot of imagination to believe it could be a sword, to those that not only resemble the item they are simulating, but are becoming more accurate portraits, while remaining safe for simulated combat. This lighting staff is a great looking prop and the functioning light really makes a difference in believability.