Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Volmithig Dimantis

The Biblionihilistica brings us the personal tome of Quelron Bathis, The Volmithig Dimantis.

"If one could but translate The Dimantis' tortuous, curvilinear scripts, what revelations might be ours to unfold, what recondite secrets ours to know?

We know, from the dropped hints of the olden magi, that such topics as the Kurduh Fennes and the diminishment of The Spawn-of-Him are touched upon. That Pharos Rakaman Har, the link between the Kn'Yn and the Foul Olden-Ones is spoken of, and that the theurgic use of gesture are all sought into.

Written by Quelron Bathis in the Morgathic Script of Potth, the volume remains a mystery that tantalises us with its glimpses of what was, what is, and what will, ultimately, be."

The calligraphy in this great example of tomecraft really shines. The flowing script is very alien, but still gives the impression of a readable, albeit highly stylized, text. The red on blue effect gives a very mystical feel to the whole presentation.

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CoastConFan said...

That’s an interesting script. I kind of think its an anaglyph meant to be viewed with red/blue glasses. I wonder why nobody ever thought of an eldritch tome with 3d writing? It would be pretty easy. Additionally a tome printed in several colors would reveal a secret when viewed with different colored lenses. Failure to use the correct lenses would cause the reader to fail to see an important step and conjure up an uncontrollable force that would destroy him. Ah, those insouciant anchorites.

Speaking of scripts, consider Sufic scripts such as found on and and and . Then consider a script in the shape of Cthulhu which weaves a horrible spell as you read it.

Check out the National Stereoscopic Association and of course the inevitable Wikipedia article on stereoscopy

I have collected stereo cards for a number of years and experimented with 3d photography using a single camera and a sliding frame to capture the left and right images. It’s pretty easy although you need a viewer to see the 3d effect.