Wednesday, May 11, 2011

R'lyeh Calendar Stone

The alleged end of the Mayan calendar in December of 2012 has convinced a considerable number of people that something, perhaps the end of the world or a cataclysmic wave of earth changes, will happen at the end of next year. Given the inability of the Maya to foresee the collapse of their civilization, much less the effect a small group of Spaniards would have on their successor cultures, I'm somewhat doubtful as to any "prophecy" with Mayan roots. That kind of thing is just wackadoodle superstition.

Those of us that respect science and reason reject such fear mongering, since we know the apocalypse will only happen when dread Cthulhu arises from his eons long sleep in sunken R'lyeh. Undertaking FX has been kind enough to provide us with this R'lyeh calender stone so we can keep track of how much time we have left until the stars are right. It's a clever take on the Aztec calender stone and has some definite prop potential.


Tóbal said...

As spaniard , and Cthulhu fan , I believe the same : 2012 will not be the end of civilization , it will be 200 years after , with the awakening of tentacled God.;D
Amazing prop , I saw it in the thumbnail of my blog link and inmediately before reading your post , I thought about mayan calendar.
Cheers from Spain!

Rev. Marx said...