Friday, August 27, 2010

Arkham Sanitarium Admission Questionnaire

Another prop document from Arkham Sanitarium, this time an admissions questionnaire. This two page form is based on vintage examples and contains a series of questions asked of patients and/or their families when they were admitted to a mental hospital. You can download the complete PDF from Google Docs over here.

This rounds out the core of the prop documents for the Sanitarium. By selecting from the various bits of paperwork you can tailor your prop presentation to the occasion, maintaining a high immersion factor while controlling your time investment. At the most basic level you can use the 5" x 8" Record File card as a quick and easy way to convey information and clues. A step up from that is the Patient Admission Form , perhaps dressed up with an off the shelf file folder. You can kick that up a notch and recreate a complete patient file by adding the questionnaire below, a Commitment Warrant and accompanying Certificates of Insanity, a patient Clinical Chart , and correspondence from the Massachusetts Department of Mental Diseases.

There are more documents in the pipeline to dress things up, but they'll be building on the foundation of the existing materials.


Rick de G. said...

Oh dear, just filled in mine and saw that the second page also reads "Page 1 of 2".
Also, how do I contact you? I have some paperwork to share.

Raven said...

Question 12: "Have any relatives been... idiotic...?"

That comes under the heading of Irresistible Question.

Uncountable entries must have been filled in to the effect of:

"Why yes, my sister So-and-so married the wrong person, my brother Such-and-such votes for the wrong party, and my first cousins have no proper fashion sense at all!"

Propnomicon said...

@ Rick de G.

The invaluable Raven caught that error and I uploaded a fix last night. Someday you'll be old too and spend your Friday nights tweaking prop documents. Heh.

Propnomicon said...

@ Rick de G.

Another thing you do when you get old is post before you finish writing.

My email is propnomicon-thesqigglyasign-gmail-dot-com.