Monday, June 21, 2010

Crass Commercialism

I've finally ordered new runs of the Miskatonic expedition swag.

The Antarctic sets inspired by "At the Mountains of Madness" are scheduled to arrive this week. The Australian patch and pin sets based on "The Shadow Out of Time" should be in my hands in two weeks. I've ordered 100 of each, and if sales go well (despite the current economic climate) I'll follow up with a new edition of the Miskatonic University gear in July. Everything will be available here on the blog with payments accepted through PayPal.

After that I'll be attempting to get back to my original concept of offering a short run, low-cost prop or memorabilia item every month. And by "low cost" I mean $10 or less for a single item, or a themed set for under $20. Here's the tentative schedule:

June/July- Reissue of the Antarctic and Australian expedition items (patch, pin, notebook). Already ordered or in transit.

July- Reissue of the Miskatonic University items.

August- New issue of Arkham Sanitarium patches and pins, along with a few extras to be determined. I'll also be working on some documents and resources that will be released at the same time under the usual Creative Commons license.

September- A set of postcards depicting locations in and around Arkham, Massachusetts. Out of the five card set three are already done, and the remaining two just need to be sent to the printers. I'd also like to include a sheet of faux-postage stamps if I can get them for a reasonable cost.

October- A set of vintage luggage labels based on Lovecraft's works. I'll be revising the designs I've already done for Innsmouth's Gilman House and the Hotel Miskatonic and adding three more.

November- A resin reproduction of the Elder Thing starstones from "At the Mountains of Madness". Ideally, this will include a vintage-style shipping crate complete with appropriate expedition and shipping markings. I looked into getting them carved from green soapstone, but the cost was well outside my $20 limit.

Again, this is a tentative schedule that may change over time. I'm planning on having 100 of each item available because that seems to be the sweet spot for these kind of projects. If the reissues for this month sell out I'll increase the subsequent run sizes appropriately to keep up with demand.


M. le Comte de Rigueur said...

As a proud wearer of your Expedition pins, this sounds like purest awesome.

Propnomicon said...

@ M. le Comte de Rigueur

Thank you for the very kind words. I think you'll like some of the other expedition items I'm working on.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly interested in one of the Antarctic sets. The MU set was stunning.

christian lehmann said...

Count me in, my good man! Count me in ;-)

Harald said...

This sounds like brilliant way to keep my money in circulation. I'm currently waiting for an Antarctic tee from Zazzle, but more is often better.

roofless said...

I've waited sooooooo long for the antarctic patch reissue....thank you for your efforts!

Propnomicon said...

@ baralier

You're very kind. Hopefully I'll have some new ATMOM paper props later this week to go along with the reissue.

@ christian lehmann

My thanks. I can't wait to read more about your BTMOM campaign.

@ Harald

I hope I'll have some brutally effective ways to take more of your money in the near future. Heh.

@ roofless

I'm genuinely sorry about the extensive delays. On the bright side, I can now attest to the existence of the "Cthulhu curse", that unfortunate tendency for Lovecraftian products to have rolling release dates.

Anonymous said...

waaaannt neeeeeed....
must have!
On a serious note, I can never locate a link etc to place an order and it was only your patience with a techno-twit limey that meant that I was able to purchase.

Looking forward to your new releases


Tigger_MK4 said...

Count me in on the MU Antartic stuff - I'm hoping to run BtMoM later on in the year .
Great admirer of your work !