Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Land Down Under: Part Deux

Following up on my earlier efforts, here are a couple more design iterations for a patch based on Lovecraft's "The Shadow Out of Time".

This one makes a couple of minor changes from the last version. The font is a little cleaner and the Southern Cross design has been replaced by the stylized aboriginal journey/campsite glyphs.

Now we're cookin'. I really like how how this color scheme looks. Very evocative of the Australian desert, but the upper half of the design still seems a bit empty.

Oh, here we go. The sunburst really jazzes things up.

A little fiddling with the color scheme. Combine this with the sunburst design and we get...

I really like this. It has the clean geometric forms and color palette of a period design while incorporating some meaningful imagery. Ayer's Rock for Australia, the four parallel lines of the journey glyph running east to west, the concentric circles of the campsite glyph symbolizing both the destination of the expedition and it's actual rough location north of Ayer's rock, and the sunburst design recalls the sunburst in the Miskatonic University seal.

I'm going walk away from this for a couple of days and then see how it looks with fresh eyes, but I think this is pretty close to the final design.


affliction said...

The campsite and travel glyph please me, and give a sense of both presence and motion. The color scheme you've been settling on, Prop, is evocative. I was wondering if you'd have the journey lines anything but vertical, and, you did! Diagonal? And for the sunburst, it doesn't make it look at all to busy to me; instead it enhances the look!

Propnomicon said...

I tried a couple of variations with a diagonal placement of the glyphs, but there were some balance issues with that layout that I couldn't solve.

I'm just happy I didn't fall into the kangaroo trap. Heh.

Unknown said...

I do really like the Southern Cross motif and would love to see it incorporated somehow. But your final design (of this set, at least) has such a balance of elements that I don't see how it could be reinstated without throwing the whole composition off (except possibly replacing the "Ab Aeterno" at the base of Ayer's Rock--but then it would be too small to be practical for an embroidered patch, I believe).

And the composition is so perfectly Deco that *I* think you've got your final design--or very close to it.