Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Miskatonic University Seal, Redux

I finally got around to re-doing my Miskatonic University seal. You can still find the original over here, but these new versions won't have any of the pixellation that one was prone to at larger sizes. Why did I make my own when there are so many other versions out there? Because most of the other seals incorporate elements that further the jokey "wink, wink...Medieval Metaphysics" vibe that I can only take in small doses. More importantly, they weren't freely available for use. These are, as long as you follow the Creative Commons license down at the bottom of the page.

Just click on the picture to get the full-sized version.

Large, 300 DPI

Medium, 150 DPI

Small, 72 DPI


Penny said...

I love you for this. I feel the exact same way--it's been so hard to find any seals or logos I care to use. I wonder why I haven't seen this one before? Great job--I'm using this immediately.

Keops said...

hi! it's been a while since you posted this, but I just found it and I feel like asking before I do anything with this logo. I want this on a t-shirt, it'd be just one item and for personal use (here in Spain it's cheaper to have your own shirt printed than ordering on the net) so, as you made this one, it's ok with you if I proudly wear your work? Thanx anyway!!!

Propnomicon said...

@ Keops

It's not just allowed, it's encouraged. If you need a better quality image for the T-shirt, or you want the color version, just drop me an email.

André Philippe said...

Thanks for doing this serious logo and making it available under CC!

Chris M. (Michael) said...

*Very* nice. I, too, love that this is not campy like most others you find. I will happily refer to this for games - and, in the near future, a sweatshirt or so. :)
Thank you for doing such fine work and sharing it with us!