Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Period Telegram Blank

So a couple of weeks ago I bought a 1918 telegram off Ebay with the intention of copying the details for a blank prop. I scanned it as soon as it arrived, but I didn't get around to cleaning it up until tonight after dinner. After importing the scan into Illustrator I had begun the long, tedious process of tracing the lettering when my email pings. I open up Gmail and discover a message from Philip Obermarck asking me if I'd be interested in hosting a blank telegram form he's created as part of a project.

Wait, it gets better.

Here's the scan I was tracing just a few hours ago. I'd just finished the "P" and "O" in "Postal" when Mr. Obermarck's email arrived.

Here's the full sized .jpg of the absolutely gorgeous pdf file that he sent over.

Seriously, what are the odds of something like this happening? At the exact same time I'm working on a new blank telegram he just happens to send one over, from the same company and time period mind you, all formatted and ready to use?

I'm very grateful to Mr. Obermarck for the opportunity to host his work. Click through on the picture above for the full sized, CC licensed artwork.

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Jim Epler said...

I found your site while performing a search on google when searching for ideas on how to create a telegram prop for a geocaching series I've established. You have some very clever techniques and I thank you for making the blank telegraph form available. I'm sure I'll refer to your site in the future. Thanks!!!