Friday, March 20, 2009

More Cthulhu Critters

Thanks to some helpful advice about locking the focus I was able to get some decent shots of this batch of critters. Click through on any of these to see the higher res versions.

A close-up of the worm-thing's mouth. This end of the little beast is only about 1" across. I'm satisfied with the level of detail, but it's still short of the insanely detailed work of professional miniature sculptors.

Another shot of the worm-thing. The additional ink wash is a definite improvement over the original. All of these critters are coated with two layers of clear acrylic because I wanted a "wet" finish.

A crawler-thing. The pale green paint job is a little spotty on this one, but I don't think it will be a problem once it's bottled up.

A much better angle of the crawler.

A tick-thing, missing the fourth claw that snapped off after I dropped it taking this photograph. ::sigh::

The problem with using Sculpey for tiny little monsters like this is that the fine detail, the teeth and tentacles and such, is so brittle. Even with a reinforcing wire there's still a good chance those projecting features are going to get damaged during shipping.

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