Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 3: Small Treasures

I almost feel guilty about posting this, since it borders on making me an accessory to a crime. I say that because getting one of Allan Harwood's Cthulhu cultist artifacts for just ten bucks is an absolute steal. Browse through his Etsy store and you'll find that everything is currently priced like that, including some nifty Mignola-inspired Lovecraftian pieces.


Schlitzie said...

I have one of Allan's Cultist Artifacts and I gotta say,they are a STEAL for the price! The detail of the inscriptions and quality of the weathering is top notch. I can't recommend them enough. :D

TheRedneckScientist said...

This is a bit after the fact but might be useful for people trying to resolve their issues with Mr.Harwood.

I ordered some items from the etsy store on the 22nd of November 2012, right after reading this post but I'm yet to receive them or hear from Mr.Harwood at all, his etsy store seems to have disappeared or been renamed, in any case he currently has an etsy profile under Allanh143 and a blog deatailing the continuing issues with fufilling his backlog of orders at

The prices were very low and I think he likely did not anticipate the level of demand that eventuated and took on more orders than he could handle.