Friday, November 9, 2012

False Face

Marc Green brings us this very disturbing human face mask. It's the beard that really pins the needle on the creepy meter.

Update: As CoastConFan points out in the comments this is an actual historical artifact. This isn't the first time I thought something was a prop when it was the real thing. In my defense, Mr. Green's horror work has been featured here quite a few times.


CoastConFan said...

There is a Wikipedia article on Alexander Peden with another image of the mask
The article calls it a cloth mask, but the very high resolution photo appended to the articles appears to be leather. Also note the red yard rim on the eyes and the simulated mouth wound and blood dripping down
I knew nothing of this person or the mask until you posted this – many thanks for posting. Just remember, “It puts the lotion on it’s skin / or it gets the hose again”.

Anonymous said...

Would more pictures be useful? The mask is in the museum just up the road from me...

Nik Strychnine

CoastConFan said...

No need for a defense, presented as it was originally, it certainly looked like an excellent prop. The fact that it is real only goes to show that sometimes reality mimics movies, rather than the other way around. This is rather the inverse of vampire hunting kits. I would be as pleased as anybody to find they truly existed.

OmneSum said...

In the actual props catagory, this reminds me of a mask I made a few years ago for a rawhide chew toy purchased at the dollar store
here's a pic if you're interested.