Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For Those That Hunt the Night

Nick Storm sent over some more shots of his extensive collection of occult and LARP paraphernalia, this time focusing on a selection of holy water bottles. The display is a good example of what you can put together using a mix of authentic and found items, and he included a rundown of where everything came from:

Cool, cheap nesting boxes obtained at Michaels craft store circa 2000. Clasps are a little on the “non period” but they work. The leather and strapping is faux as well but very good at a distance. Michaels usually obtains huge lots of craft items like the set of 3 of these boxes and when they get sold, don’t offer them anymore. I wonder if they are still out there….watching…..somewhere.

The Paternoster was…not at all cheap. I commissioned the nice SCA ladies here at and they did not disappoint.

The Candelabra is unknown and not truly old but it did patina-up nicely, no?

And now the “Money”. Scouring eBay, like I do……I was lucky to get the smaller bottle with awesome crafter tin topper as well as the Holy Water Sprinkler – which absolutely does work to provide a good shower of water easily directed and shaken at someone….or some….thing. I used a TINY bit of blue food colour added to the water just to be theatrical and give the viewer a little more to look at and show off the wording on the glass a little better.

The small black candle was a recent Michaels craft store purchase and it “bleeds” black – hard to find black candles that truly produce nice black tallow.

And finally….the small glass bottle that I filled with little granules from a water softener that looked like tiny metallic copper spheres – really weird up close and I think it photographs well.

I found 8 or so of these little green coloured bottles with corks at the local thrift store for .89 cents each. The green “colour” soon revealed itself to be cheap paint and my thoughts of “made in china” and how they arrived in the shop were soon evident but…I made Lemonade. I used matte non gloss fixative spray and gave them all a really good multiple spray coat and with some scuffing and scratching, they come out pretty well at a distance.

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