Saturday, October 2, 2010

Andrea Bonazzi Interview

Shane Mangus has posted a great interview with artist Andrea Bonazzi over at "Swords Against the Outer Dark". It's an interesting look at the creator of some of the most interesting art and artifacts in the genre. Sadly, it seems we'll be seeing little or nothing new from Mr. Bonazzi.

"This stuff has no market at all, here in Italy. I sold very few pieces between 2000 and 2005, but there is no interest. And almost none, among the very few interested people, is willing to pay a congruous price for unique pieces that needed a lot of work hours. Better perspectives from abroad, but Italian shipping expenses are terribly high, and higher are also the probability of damage in shipping such frail sculptures. Once, I sell a tablet in the USA, and it arrived damaged in Texas, even if carefully packaged in a heavy wooden box. So, how can I sell unique pieces that could arrive broken in many pieces?"

I first encountered Mr. Bonazzi's work via Christian Matzke's "Propping Up the Mythos", the website that inspired the creation of Propnomicon.

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