Monday, October 18, 2010

Arkham Sanitarium Update

The Arkham Sanitarium prop project is almost over.

The last of the prop sets were mailed out this morning, with the exception of two donors that haven't responded to the Kickstarter request for address information. If you haven't received an email confirming that your package was posted please check your spam filter.

If you encounter any problems please don't hesitate to contact me. I take your satisfaction extremely seriously. Your positive experience is the only advertising I have, so I want you to be absolutely bubbling over with enthusiasm for the next project to come down the pipe.


Alex Kaeda said...

"Your positive experience is the only advertising I have, so I want you to be absolutely bubbling over with enthusiasm for the next project to come down the pipe."

I'm filled with anticipation, wondering what the next project is. I cant imagine NOT being filled with enthusiasm.

Propnomicon said...

@ Alex Kaeda

I appreciate the good wishes. Before I think about doing something new I want to make sure everyone is happy with this one.

Raven said...

Now me, I'm waiting to see what happens to other people's car engines, once they receive their packages.

This may turn out to be a well-distributed catastrophe.

(doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom,....)

Oh, what, you wanted cheerfulness and encouragement, on a horror-oriented website? Pffbffpff! ;)

Only... hey, *I'm* due to get one of those packages, too! Oh NO! Oh the dread! Oh the panic! I'm going under the blanket now

Mortis said...

I have to say, like Alex I'm already looking forward to seeing your next project.

Now I'm waiting for my stuff to arrive, I have absolute faith that it will be fantastic - and I know the next project you put your mind to will be the same.

You sir, are an Elder God amongst men.

(Also, was there any development in doing a run of Miskatonic University badges in enamel?)

Propnomicon said...

@ Raven

Don't tempt fate. Heh.

@ Mortis

I'd dearly love to do a full-blown Miskatonic University project for the holidays. There's one particular item that I desperately want- MU composition books. I just don't think there's enough time to get it done before the holidays.

Raven said...

Package received, in perfect condition, of course.

Contents all superlatively beautiful, of course.

Pin so fascinating, I could not even bear to pack it safely away for now, but have it twinkling next to my monitor in field-of-view.

Ohhhh, dear, other artisans at least have interesting up-and-down swings of quality, but alas, you, my dear Propnomicon, seem stuck on a steady high (if not indeed ascending) note. But we love you for this idiosyncrasy.

As for car engines, I'm staying safely at home tonight, while my lady's gone to bead club. If she has car trouble, I shall hold you to blame.

James Floyd Kelly (Jim) said...

My Arkham package arrived today. What can I say... just amazing. The patch is large... didn't expect that, but it just looks authentic for the period - oversized, very in-your-face. The pin is nice and solid feeling... that's going on my bag instead of my curio cabinet. And the patient folder and postcards look great. Very happy with the project and can't wait to see what comes next.

Raven said...

My lady is safely home from her bead meeting (no car troubles), so I will not be able to purchase more of your items with the insurance proceeds, thanks a heap.

Anonymous said...

Had I the spare cash I would have been all over this like a rash. You high standards and openness about the stages of creation make me enthusiastic for whatever you choose to produce.

Nicholas Storm said...

As to the comments about the accoutrements on the table:
And the Mysteries of the Worm Tome -it was indeed an online auction purchase.I am a collector.....

Serial # 453976
This typewriter is unique not only because it folds up, but in that each key is capable of typing lower case, upper case, and a symbol. Yes, that's right THREE different functions for each key.
OK, I know you collectors out there are well aware of this, but I was impressed when I saw it, as well as the fact that the shift key raises the carriage instead of the striking keys. This is really a magnificent example of early 20th century engineering and manufacturing.
According to the serial number, this unit was manufactured in 1922 - This could have been used to type shopping lists for Al Capone, or the peace agreement between Joe Masseria and Umberto Valenti right before Umberto was gunned down in the street. Heck, maybe Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover penned speeches with it, or perhaps Groucho Marx read scripts that were typed on it, or maybe W.C. Fields spilled a drink on it while Mae West serviced him? Of course, it could have also simply belonged to a regular Joe, but who knows?

1924 EVEREADY 2 “D” cell black painted flashlight. Domed fish-eye glass. On / off push button that also slides forward to lock into the always on position. VERY similar design style to the Yale or vice versa.

Dogstar said...

Received mine today. Everything looks great. Especially like the pin. Any tips on what to sew the patch?

Brian R.

RLW said...

Got mine today. Everything looks fantastic. The postcards are amazing. And the medical bracelet was a nice touch.

Raven said...

@ Brian / Dogstar:

Your favorite straitjacket, of course!

Otherwise, something suitable for asylum staff wear: stiff white cotton jacket (preferably with banded collar) for orderly, on the upper right arm at shoulder; doctor's white coat ("lab coat"), approximately where a business jacket's pocket goes -- on the pocket, if there is one.

Optionally, have your or your character's name embroidered on the right breast (above the patch/pocket on the doctor's coat), in a matching blue.

Or, if you prefer, put it on a white cap, or white carry-bag. Just keep thinking "hospital garb/gear".

Raven said...

@ RLW:

Whoops, that is NOT a medical bracelet!

It's made of metal. It has pointed ends.

It would not be put on a mental patient's wrist.

It's for attaching papers to the file folder, through two holes punched at the top of the page.

See "Arkham Sanitarium Patient File" for two example photos.

Raven said...

@ Brian / Dogstar:

Sorry, I should have said upper left arm, at shoulder, for the orderly jacket.

Conveniently, there are also "Arkham Sanitarium Orderly" T-Shirts -- no logos, as they're from a completely different and independent artist -- that you could wear under your patch-decorated jacket.

Tom said...

Just got home and received mine here in merry old England. Fantastic stuff all round and I can't wait to buy whatever comes next.

Alex Kaeda said...

Mine showed up today. The postman walked up to my door and handed it to me as I was going out, saying "Miskatonic University, I haven't heard of that one? Where is it?" (referencing the stamp on the back of the envelope), with a smile i replied "Oh, its a freshwater school back east". He said "Oh, planning on going there?" to which I smiled and didn't answer, he was already talking to my neighbor by that point so I don't think I needed to answer.

I'm super thrilled with the package! Like "Woah!"

Things I need . . .
1 - Lab coat
2 - Stethoscope
3 - Typewriter
4 - *%^#@!!!

Alex Kaeda said...

This may be of interest to some -
Washington, D.C., 1922. "Social Hygiene exhibit. House of Detention, Women's Bureau. Clinic -- Mental and medical examinations are essential in order to make intelligent disposition of cases."
Washington, D.C., 1922. "Social Hygiene exhibit. House of Detention -- Women's Bureau. All dishes are sterilized in order to guard against infection." Nameplate on the equipment: FEARLESS DISHWASHER.

Seonaidh said...

Package arrived safe and sound yesterday.

No reported issues with either truck or tractor... my sister's car well that is already has it's own special circumstances, so it would be unfair to attribute anything without a full investigation.

As ever, your attention to detail is much appreciated.



PontifexPrimus said...

I just received the package yesterday (well, overseas always takes a bit longer) and I am not disappointed; everything is lovely. The lapel pin in particular looks great - I do not regret sponsoring this project in the least and will gladly do so again in the future, should the opportunity arise. Thanks for doing a great job!

Handgrenadealien said...

Sir, Many thanks for again producing goods of such high quality and getting them safely across the Atlantic in first rate order.
May I also wish you well with your motoring problems, after spending many hours over the years up to my elbows in motorcycle innards in a mouldering, verminous shed you have my earnest sympathies.

eRvuk the 2nd said...

Do you have a pdf containing all of the documents available for printing?