Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Black Duke's Tome

Rev. Marx has been creating a series of props for the indy film "The Black Duke", and his latest installment of the build process details the final finishing of a massive occult tome.


Raven said...

Oh, that second photo, with just the two interior pages, completely carries the prop for credibility! I'd love to leaf through the rest of them!

Propnomicon said...

@ Raven

The layout is quite nice, but I would expect nothing less from Rev. Marx.

Tóbal said...

Simply wonderful!!!Amazing!!!
Someday...someday with free time I could attempt something similar...I love tomecraft!!!

Tome Wilson said...

That looks massive!

Great work. Other than the pages shown in the photo, what does the rest of the book contain?

Raven said...

@ Tome: Click the link in the main post to go to Rev. Marx's website; there's actually a two-part blog entry on that prop, and some entries on related props for the same client.

Rev. Marx did over 24 interior pages to put into the book; the volume itself was originally a dictionary -- and you can just barely make out a hint of the black tabs while the book lies open flat. (He'd gilded the page edges.)