Monday, July 5, 2010

Tramp Steamer Ticket

This is a passage ticket for the kind of small ship typically found in pulp adventures. Large passenger lines could afford to have custom printed tickets for each ship, but the smaller lines and independents would broker passage at dockside or through a port agent. Just click through to download the high resolution version from Picasa. It can be printed out on cardstock and filled out by hand, or you can add typewritten entries in a graphics program before printing.

From Paper Props


Tóbal said...

I have discovered this blog recently and I want to tell you that it´s amazing.
I ´ve just began to read HP Lovecraft histories intrigated for the source that inspired all this works.
Through it I also discovered new webs and blogs truly inspirationals to make props and investigate different ways of art.
Congratulations for it and please , go on many years!!!

Mr. Sable said...

What would passage cost in the early 20th Century? Know offhand?

Great item (as usual)! Thanks for posting.

Propnomicon said...

@ Tóbal

Thank you for the very kind words.

@ Mr. Sable

Frankly, I cheat. I Google up the price of a modern trip and then back-adjust it for inflation to my target year using "The Inflation Calculator"-

The prices generated that way are *close* to historically accurate, but more importantly they're consistent.