Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cairo, 1922

Is there any city more filled with adventuring potential than Cairo in the 1920's? Just click through for the high resolution version.

"A splendid view of Cairo may be had from the reddish hills which lie to the southeast of the city. In the foreground is the Citadel, with the two slender minarets of the Mohammed Ali Mosque rising high above the wide dome. On the lower level, to the right, are the minarets of the Sultan Hasan and Rifaiyeh Mosques, and the big open square to the right is the courtyard of the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, said to be a copy of the Kaaba at Mecca."

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Lazarus Lupin said...

I wonder if there are any wide shots of cemetary from that era. Oh hey, thanks for the advice about blowing stuff up by 200% it really improved my work I think.

Keep up the great work
Lazarus Lupin
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