Saturday, July 10, 2010

"The Shadow Out of Time" Expedition Gear

In 1935 Professor Nathaniel Peaslee of Miskatonic University led an expedition into the Great Sandy Desert of Australia to investigate ruins allegedly dating dating back thousands of years. For years rumors have swirled about what the party actually discovered buried there in the sand. Were the ruins the sole surviving evidence of a culture dating to before the accepted settlement of the continent? Or, as have some have speculated, were they all that was left of an ancient city intimately tied to Prof. Peaslee's own well-documented history of amnesia and strangely detailed dreams?

"Ab Aeterno" Miskatonic University Australian Expedition Patch

The 4" (10 cm) patch is embroidered on a tough cotton twill backing that will last for years of use, and the heat-sensitive adhesive makes it easy to iron it on to the garment of your choice. The expedition's "Ab Aeterno" logo was designed using a period font and color scheme to mimic a patch created in 1935. The rayed sun motif of the Miskatonic University seal rises from behind the deep red stone of Ayer's Rock, while above them are two stylized Aboriginal glyphs- the horizontal parallel lines symbolizing a journey surmounted by the concentric circles marking a destination or campsite. Below that is the latin phrase "Ab Aeterno", or "From the beginning of time", the expedition's motto.

"Ab Aeterno" Miskatonic University Australian Expedition Notebook

The expedition notebook is patterned after the pocket journals used by scientists and researchers in the field to record observations. The front cover features the expedition logo, while the back includes observation instructions and a specimen ruler. The notebook measures 3.5" by 5" (8.89 cm by 12.7 cm) and has a saddle-stitch binding, 1/4" rounded corners, heavyweight cover, and 32 pages of high quality lined paper. All materials are 100% recycled and the cover designs are printed with environmentally friendly soy ink.


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@ Alex

And your patronage is most appreciated.

matteo said...

Ordered ! and for information, it took exactly one week to get my last order from you to my mailbox in France. Thanks again for your work !

Christian Lehmann said...

I am an Antarctic freak or geek or whatever, but I can't pass on this one. It's also a way of saying how much I'm in your debt for the wonderful things you create and all the info I get from your site

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I knew that sacrifice would bring me good luck.

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Thank you for the very kind words. In case you were curious, I reinvest the proceeds from my little projects into acquiring new reference materials. I have an FBI fingerprinting manual from the 30's and history of Coast Guard raids from the 20's that I'll be posting as soon as they arrive.

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Ordered too !!!!

My desert jacket is waiting for the badge ..(will be great for hollidays)

Alban from France too...

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Please send pictures, I'd love to see it.

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I absolutely love the stuff. I have both the Antarctic and the Australian sets (the latter still on its way to the UK). What I would really like is the Australian patch embroidered on one of Zazzle's hats, but it looks like a lot of money on your part to invest in order to get up and running so I'm not holding my breath on this. Still, I can dream.