Monday, August 3, 2009

Prop United States Seal Stamps

When it comes to reproducing official documents you have to balance realism with utility. Understandably, the powers that be get a little uncomfortable with folks banging out copies that are a bit *too* good. For that reason these faux stamps of the Great Seal of the United States were designed to look reasonably realistic, but are missing the "tells" a real passport or document seal would have.

Click through for the full sized versions. You can overprint an existing document by sending it through the printer a second time, or use a graphics program with layers and/or transparency to apply them before printing.


Doc Atomic said...

Very nice! I imagine you could also turn them into rubber stamps. (There's a store down the street from me that will make rubber stamps from image files.) Give them a little variation as you apply them to different documents.

Of course, you could do that as well in an imaging program... But there's something fun about actually stamping things!

Propnomicon said...

Oh, believe me, I know the seductive power of real stamps. It started small- a simple "Property of Miskatonic University" stamp. Then I had to get a stamp with the MU seal. And then one with the Antarctic Expedition logo, and then a faux Arkham postmark....

Next thing I know I'm shopping for a vintage stamp tree to hold all the stamps.

Can you see why I'm so leery of your evil collecting influence? Heh.

Mik said...

Where would I find a store to make rubber stamps from image files?

Propnomicon said...

@ Mik

Online, I've used and been happy with the results.

Your local Staples or Office Depot may also do custom stamps through their Copy/Print departments. I had one done at Staples and it was significantly cheaper than any of the online vendors.