Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Austin Calling

For a variety of reasons I'm considering relocating from upstate New York to Austin, Texas next year. If anyone in the area could give me some feedback on the gaming culture, particularly in regards to "Call of Cthulhu", I'd appreciate it. I'm pretty satisfied that the move would be more than worth it in terms of my business and personal finances, but cultural factors (including gaming) are a bit harder to measure.


Wirelizard said...

Austin is home to Steve Jackson Games, so I'm sure there's a healthy gaming/RPG culture. Lots of GURPS, if nothing else.

Chris said...

I'm originally from Austin, and absolutely love the city. I, sadly, never took the opportunity to really get into the gaming culture ther,e but there are a number of great gaming shops and comic shops who host regular game nights. If I recall correctly, there's even one or two shops that have open gaming all day.

Also, with so many universities right there, there's bound to be a decently sized fan base.

Feel free to drop me an email anytime if you have questions about the city or need recommendations there!

Propnomicon said...


Gah. I'd totally forgotten about Steve Jackson Games. I've never actually played GURPS, but I've plundered their sourcebooks for SF campaigns for years.


Thanks for the info. The weird thing about this situation is that I was actually born in Austin, but my family moved to California when I was but a tiny tyke. The more I hear about what the city is like the more excited I get about the possibilities there.