Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Postman Cometh: Part Deux

Following up on yesterday's post, here are revised versions of the basic faux stamp I posted:

I'll try and bang out a few more and then see about cobbling them together in a PDF with cutting guides. Then you'll be able to print out a whole sheet of stamps at a time and really go to town.

A commenter asked about where to find the scissors that produce the finished, perforated edge of a stamp. They should be available at your local craft store in the scrapbooking section. Different manufacturers produce both rotary trimmers and scissors with the appropriate edge, but I'm personally fond of Fiskars brand products. My significant other says you should stay away from the "Martha Stewart" branded items produced by EK Success at all costs- their trimmers suffer from shoddy construction and poor design. If you don't have a craft store nearby you can get the Fiskars Paper Edger Scissors for Stamps at Amazon. If you purchase the $1.93 scissors through the link two shiny pennies will fall into my wallet, so buy lots and lots of them.

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