Monday, August 3, 2009

Gilman House Luggage Label

"Despite what I had heard of this hotel in Newburyport, I signed the register, paid my dollar, let the clerk take my valise, and followed that sour, solitary attendant up three creaking flights of stairs past dusty corridors which seemed wholly devoid of life. My room was a dismal rear one with two windows and bare, cheap furnishings, overlooked a dingy court-yard otherwise hemmed in by low, deserted brick blocks, and commanded a view of decrepit westward-stretching roofs with a marshy countryside beyond. At the end of the corridor was a bathroom--a discouraging relique with ancient marble bowl, tin tub, faint electric light, and musty wooded paneling around all the plumbing fixtures."

Following up on the "Hotel Miskatonic" luggage label, here's one for the infamous Gilman House described in "The Shadow Over Innsmouth". For this one I tried to capture the look of a label from the Gilman's heyday, before the slow corruption of the entire town turned it into the shabby, worn out inn of Lovecraft's story. The lettering has been tweaked to give a hand-drawn look, while the design elements are intentionally asymmetrical and slightly off center. Just click through for the full-sized version, print it out using sticker paper, and trim to size.

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Doc Atomic said...

Looks nice. One of my favorite H.P.L. stories.