Thursday, April 11, 2024

Back to the Wasteland

Almost ten years ago I fell in love with Fallout: New Vegas.  Since then there have been two more installments in the video game franchise, neither of which came come anywhere close to the immersiveness and storytelling of New Vegas.  That craftsmanship, and a still thriving mod community, mean I'm still diving back into the game every couple of months.

That's all a set-up to explain why I'm so excited about the new Fallout project.  No, not the long-awaited Fallout series that premiered early on Amazon Prime last night, although I'm jazzed for that as well.  I watched the first episode last night and absolutely loved it.

I'm actually talking about Fallout: Breaking, a direct sequel to the amazing Fallout: Nuka Break fan series.  Zack Finrock has been posting some previews of the project, including some cool prop work, over on his Twitter account.  Based on the previews, and my love of the original, I think there are a lot of reasons to throw a few dollars his way.


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Baron Greystone said...

Thanks for the info! Big Fallout fan here, never heard of this guy until your post. Watched through the Nuka Break series and loved it, and looking forward to Fallout: Breaking! Pity about all the nefarious shenanigans at Wayside, though.