Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Kitsune Death Eater Mask

This Death Eater Kitsune mask once belonged to the mysterious Furuhayashi Kasumi, the great dark sorceress and my teacher of the dark arts.The mask was inherited by me with a deep honor as the only student of Furuhayashi-sensei after her death. Sensei was an incredibly powerful master of magical arts, but as a Death Eater, many of her deeds were malfeasant and nightmarish. After a while, I noticed the tear-shaped patina drips began to appear on the mask. As told by Furuhayashi-sensei in her last letter, by Japanese tradition the warrior's mask not only covers the face, but also, possesses a spirit of it's past owner, which will help the new owner to win any battle, striking terror into the hearts of enemies. But instead, it became absolutely clear to me - the teacher's mask is weeping with tears of grief and remorse for the crimes committed during her lifetime.

 Alisa Tochylovska returns to our pages with this wonderfully patinated Kitsune Death Eater mask.


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