Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Mysterious Egg

 Dungeons and Curmudgeons has hatched a cunning plan:

#Egg for dinner? Nope. It’s going to be a little mystery the players find while searching the #dungeon. At some point they will hear sloppy eating noises emanating from a small room off a corridor they’re in.

When they look inside, they’ll find a couple of #goblins tucking into some weird looking eggs, eating them raw, yolks running down their greedy faces and smashed shells on the ground. The goblins (taken by surprise) will immediately drop the remains of their gooey snacks and grab for their weapons to attack the party.

After disposing of the goblins the party will see that the #eggs were taken from a small (now ruined) nest in one alcove of the dungeon wall and that one of the eggs remains intact! But nobody knows who or what kind of creature laid it. At this point I’ll hand one of the players the prop egg. Maybe they’ll keep it, maybe they’ll put it back. But what’s inside?

The finished prop egg is pretty cool.  Hopefully we'll get an update on how his players handle it.


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