Friday, January 10, 2020

The Tillinghast Device

This recreation of the infamous Tillinghast device from Lovecraft's "From Beyond" comes to us from Adam Houghton of Synthetic Relics.  The field effect is a plexi panel illuminated with a fully interactive RGB LED array.
For your consideration, a modern re-imagining of the Tillinghast Device first referenced in the classic HP Lovecraft Tale: ‘From Beyond’.

Physical descriptions of the device itself are minimal save for the presence of batteries, an arresting ghastly light, and  scale such that it may rest upon Tillinghast’s desk. Certainly this allows a reader’s imagination to wander freely in conjuring it’s physical form in the mind’s eye. However its wondrous and psyche-shattering effects on all those who experience it’s terrible electrical power are described by Lovecraft in sickening detail. The waves generated by that small machine would act upon undiscovered sense organs in the human brain revealing vistas unknown to man and ‘overleap time, space, and dimensions’ to ‘peer to the bottom of creation’. Unfortunately for poor Tillinghast, something terrible peered back!


bea said...

That's a GREAT representation of a machine that you really do believe can tear reality.

Adam Houghton said...

Thank you Bea! It's such a mind bending story and conjures up so many visual manifestations of other dimensions and creatures!