Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Elder Thing

I don't want to get all gushy, but these renders of an Elder Thing from Sadania are just gorgeous.  The only quibble I have, and it's minor at best, is the depiction of the "feet".  I'd love to see an animated version, but I imagine trying to capture the radial walking and flying cycle would be absolutely maddening.


bea said...

Now that Guillermo del Toro won BEST DIRECTOR and can write his own ticket for his next movie I LONG for him to do his passion project: At The Mountains of Madness. He keeps putting it off because he says "Alien" and "The Thing" are direct rip offs (they are) but he thinks there's not enough interest from the public who would think "Mountains" is ripping off the others! But this rendition of the "Elder things" would be awesome on the big screen. Contact Del Toro!

Don Simpson said...

I think it's a gorgeous render, and I love the textures and details. I don't think it is accurate; the tentacles look like jointed limbs, and the wings look like bat wings.