Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Oracle's Grimoire

Mille Cuirs returns to our pages with the Oracle's Grimoire.  The hand tooled leather cover features some wonderful texture work and his trademark, an inset glass eye.

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Shel said...

Love the workmanship that goes into these book covers, but I've often wondered whether there are any others out there whom take the time to add some actual pages to the interior - just to further flesh out the prop? While I know that kind of work takes time, I do feel even a few pages to be browsed would definitely add to the overall piece.

For example, my own Necronomicon took me nearly nine months from the time I started to when I finally finished it. During which I ended up with my own writing style (deciphered by a OuiJa board on the inside front cover) and 26 inked pages... not including the many other pages I'd simply scrapped. As one can imagine, the staining process for the paper, after all those weeks of work, were the most daunting! LOL!

But yeah, I'm curious as to whether there are any other fans out there whom have tackled their own variation on such a tome, by going beyond just the cover.

One quick note - my tome was generated in a time BEFORE the innerwebs. The only tech. I had access to was a photocopier - as owning a scanner was unheard of (well, heard of, just crazy expensive!). Were I to produce such a tome again today, I'd create all of my pages digitally, print them on decent paper, and from there, do the staining/aging work. And I probably wouldn't be anywhere as stressed as I was when I jumped into the deep end of aging those pages all those years ago. :P