Monday, August 7, 2017

Pirated T-Shirts

My thanks to everyone who gave me a heads up about this advertising campaign on Facebook.  "Cool Tee USA" is indeed ripping off my Miskatonic Antarctic expedition logo.  The ad buy seems to have popped up last Monday as a "Limited Time" offer, but since then the clock has been regularly resetting as the owners shift the offer through hoodies, posters, etc.

As of yet I haven't heard back from the company, but I'm sure I'll be hearing a variation of the "we got it from some guy" story.  If you'd like to purchase a legitimate t-shirt or hoodie you can get them through the Propnomicon store on Zazzle.


Kensai Ed said...

Funny that this comes up in my feed right next to this:

Anonymous said...

Did you alert Zazzle about the rip-off site? They may help you take down the Cool-Tees USA site.

Propnomicon said...

@ Kensai Ed

And they say fake news is a bad thing. Heh.

@ Anonymous

Zazzle is extremely helpful when it comes to pirates on their own site, but they don't get involved anywhere else.

Stefan said...

Annoying. You deserve both the glory and the revenue from your labour.

Propnomicon said...

@ Stefan

The problem is that I like the stuff I post too much. "Oh, that's a cool Cthulhu idol. I bet folks will really like it." -pause- "I should probably order one."

Clint said...

My Heart goes out to you. It Really hurts to see someone Pirate your work and rip money away from you. Hurts more to see Nazis Do it. I am not kidding. I did some work and posted it on Deviant art and TWO neo nazi groups ripped me off and started using it for their T shirts and what not. They use in in their advertising as well. I have links to them in on the page.

Nice thing for me though is that the Runes I used on the artwork are misspelled. So these morons are showing their ignorance as well as their hate.

Sorry it happen to you. Sympathy.