Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Psi Delta Fraternity

These points were discussed very carefully because of their probable connection with the death of Robert Blake. Students in the Psi Delta house, whose upper rear windows looked into Blake’s study, noticed the blurred white face at the westward window on the morning of the 9th, and wondered what was wrong with the expression. When they saw the same face in the same position that evening, they felt worried, and watched for the lights to come up in his apartment. Later they rang the bell of the darkened flat, and finally had a policeman force the door.

-H.P. Lovecraft, The Haunter of the Dark

The talented Mike Jenkins brings us this conjectural seal for the Psi Delta fraternity featured in the Old Gent's "The Haunter of the Dark".  Via that connection it also happens to be one of the few fan-made props for The Illuminatus Trilogy, where Robert Blake is prominently featured.  Fnord.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Thank you!

What a pleasant surprise :)

The Psi Delta seal and the Tau Omega seal were both designed at the same time, really for my fraternity membership cards inspired by Haunter, which you can see here: