Friday, March 3, 2017

Forest Spirit LARP Mask

The gifted Caroline Eklund brings us a spirit of the forest brought to life in the form of a boar. This wonderful LARP mask features internally illuminated mushrooms, blackout eyes, and polished resin tusks. Surprisingly enough, the mask itself is sculpted from paper clay.


bea said...


I consider myself a historian first. All other labels are secondary. And I mean history from the formation of the earth to this afternoon. As such I naturally began studying religions (they're hopelessly intertwined with human history). Thing is? with the recent (30-40 years) upsurge in this sort of prop, and the interest IN these sort of "woodland spirits". I can't help but wonder: are the old pagan religious notions of "spirits of woods, streams, pools, glens and mountains"....poised to make a "comeback" in the upcoming generations? There is an undeniable upsurge in their popularity. Especially when you look at the level of work/detail in something like this mask. That's a labor of real love for the subject.

Shel said...

Wow... this is gorgeous! Love the choice of materials (I'm a big fan of papier mache, myself). Would love to see whether there was a step-by-step process for this build.

Nicely done, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow – that's beautiful!