Sunday, August 9, 2015


 Contrarian that I am, I held off on having my mid-life crisis until well after all my peers went through the sportscar/motorcycle phase.  Now that I've embraced it, I find myself torn between trying to meet the sartorial standards of being a biker and being keenly aware of the absurdity of same.  This t-shirt design is the result.  The standard iconography of biker gear combined with a cool Lovecraft quote!  Heh.

If you like it, it's available in my Zazzle shop.  The base design is set up for a short sleeved black t-shirt, but you can customize it on a long-sleeve or hoodie.


Rob said...

You going to get that as a tattoo? Looks like it would make a nice one.

Anonymous said...

Zazzzle, eh? Any advice for me if I wanted to start a Zazzle shop?

CoastConFan said...

Since Propnomicon is going through a motorcycle phase, here’s a Mythos based ditty he can sing while riding, to the tune of Born to Be Wild.

Born to be Riled

Lurking near the highway
snacking on adventurers,
when an easy lunch comes our way.
Elder Signs won’t let it happen.
Tentacles will reach for embrace
Your guns just won’t hurt us
nor colors out of space

They wear runes and talismans
running from the babblers
who’s spewing fetid wind
and feeling their hot breath.
Elder Signs won’t let it happen
tentacles reach for embrace
Your guns just won’t hurt us
nor colors out of space

Like a real fishman’s child
we were born, born to be riled
off of Devil’s Reef we’ll lie
Cthulhu will never die!

Born to be rii-ii-ild
Born to be rii-ii-ild

For Propnomicon from CoastConFan

Dr. Theda said...

Used to work at a T-Shirt shop...
then went out out business and the ground swallowed the shopping complex... also (manager and only employee).... worked an This County's only Video Rental store...
but that is a long tale.... later worked for a screen printer and in art school took a semester on the process, as well...
Made a couple of cool screens...

Propnomicon said...

@ Rob

Sadly, no. One of the reasons I'm a terrible biker is that I don't do tattoos.


Set up your shop and then remind people when Zazzle has a sale. Their normal prices are pretty crazy, but a 50% sale puts things in more realistic territory.