Saturday, March 28, 2015

Old Tilman Beer

One of my favorite things is discovering props based on books.   Lovecraft's work is far and above the most popular inspiration for those literary props, but it's not the only fictional world that inspires cool stuff.   Imagine my joy at stumbling across these prop labels for "Old Tilman" beer, Honor Harrington's brew of choice.  They're the work of graphic designer Nicole Hefner.

If you haven't read the Honor Harrington series I would heartily recommend giving them a try.  It's a rip-roaring, futuristic take on the Age of Sail consciously patterned after Horatio Hornblower.  The later books in the series are increasingly Mary Sue-ish, but the secondary characters and interesting technological extrapolation help make up for it.  They're published by Baen, which has an outstanding "try before you buy" philosophy.  The first novel in the series, "On Basilisk Station" is available for free, along with the opening chapters of every other book

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