Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Bones

The talented Carim Nahaboo brings us this nicely done fetal skull.   The piece was sculpted from air drying clay, .

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CoastConFan said...

I was unfamiliar with air-dry clay, so I did a bit of reading. It really looks like interesting polymer clay for making props. It’s cheap and fairly easy to work with. I also saw a site where they have translucent air-drying clay, which is perfect for some kinds of props. The only downsize is that the 10 to 15 percent shrinkage and the propensity for cracking might mean that you should be careful about leaving a form in the clay. That is, if you make a “skull” for example, a Styrofoam core, which is rigid, will not give way when the clay shrinks around it, if you leave it inside the prop permanently (for example the shown skull prop), so the air dry clay may crack because of the shrinking. Other than that, it seems perfect for a number of projects.