Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Laroche Edition.

Laroche brings us this well done Cthulhu idol in soapstone


CoastConFan said...

Great work on the soapstone. Soapstone has a lineage that goes back centuries and so is perfect for a mythos prop. Multiple eyes are always a favorite and non-biosymmetry could be added to a prop to add to the alieness.

I really like original works made of such materials. Soapstone or steatite is rather although harness may vary depending on the concentration of talc. I really like the green variety although steatite can come in a variety of shades from white to black with other colors present such as brown and red. The ancient Egyptians used steatite to make amulets and scarabs, especially when glazed with faïence. Soapstone can be baked increase the hardness and takes a nice glaze. If you google “ancient steatite” you will get a variety of nice photos for your contemplation.

Laroche said...

Thank you for the feature in your most excellent page.

It is the perfect place to go to find inspiration for the future Cthulhu Idols lurking in various stones, bones, clay and other miscellaneous materials around the world.

Let the artists feverish minds peek beyond the veil and bring them out in this world! =)

Laroche said...

To CoastConFan: Thank you for the tip about baking the stone for increased hardness, I will have to look into that. I have one more stone left to do work with, and that has more green and orange tints in it.

I saved that for last, just in case my soapstone-carving was not up to all that I thought it would be.

This time I Will try for a more complex carving.

Thank you for the historic information about the material. =)