Saturday, February 15, 2014

Period Paper

Propmaker Ross MacDonald is justifiably famed for the quality of his paper props.  He's posted a look at what goes into producing some of the period pieces used in "Boardwalk Empire".  One of the takeaways is how clean the imagery from letterpress work is.  Via Eric Hart's Prop Agenda.

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Ministry Minion said...

Those are very, very nice props.

I've always liked paper, and getting the right paper for a project has always been a challenge.

My great-grandfather was a gendarme, and I still have some of his papers, which includes homework on more than half a dozen different qualities of paper(some held together with a now rusty nail, and some with a red wax seal, that looks like it was made with a uniform button.
There is some impressive typewriter page setting, and a map sketched on onion skin paper. Which is now very difficult to find.
He used to take notes with a copying pencil, and those too were a challenge to source. I have some, though not the same colour.

On the search goes, to get close to that original feel...