Friday, December 27, 2013

Deep One Relic

The talented Brandon Zimmerman returns to our pages with this relic of the Deep Ones.  It's a great sculpt, filled with flowing organic forms.
Uncovered in 2012 off the coast of New England, in an area formerly called Devil’s Reef, scholars have identified this strange metallic artifact as the invocation relic given to Captain Obed Marsh by the South Sea island Chief Walakea in the year 1846. This tarnished gold/lead object was dropped, by Marsh, into the abyssal depths of the Atlantic to summon the creatures known as Deep Ones to the legendary town of Innsmouth. The artifact is adorned with the strange heads of 3 fish-human hybrids, possibly Deep Ones, and is further decorated in a strange metallic amalgamation of unnatural and natural organic forms of marine fauna such as coral and mollusks.         

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