Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NecronomiCon Artifacts

Asylum House has been kind enough to post a gallery of shots from NecronomiCon's art shows over the weekend. You'll find some great props, including work from artists Joe Broers and Jason McKittrick. Ultimately I'm going to try and collate shots of all the prop items along with appropriate credits for their creators.


Ivo Wilson said...

the hand is cleary from Jason, you can see his signature 'miskatonic label' there, and i have seen this shub niggurath somewhere, i think deviantart...or here haha, really cool.
wow is that in the middle a despiction of the incriptions on the cavewalls of at the mountains of madness!?
i wanna see it in detail, looks amazing too!
oh man, i wish i were there :/

Nick Storm said...

Like all art, they were magnificent to see up close. Jason's and Joe's renderings were particularly excellent and horrific. Next Necronomicon Convention Providence is slated for 2015. I had an amazing time and I highly recommend attending, if you have the means.

Aleister Crow said...

@Ivo Wilson:The codex is from HPLHS, I think. They sell an "academic monograph" with pictures of the art: http://www.cthulhulives.org/store/storeDetailPages/codex.html I have it, and it's worth every penny. No copies of the actual Codex yet, but I'm hoping it's coming.

Ivo Wilson said...

thank you very much @Aleister Crow!!
i'll ceratnly check it out and if possible buy it!
i hope they release the whole codec one day!