Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Gaff of a Different Sort

So I'm looking at the site's stats and notice an influx of visits from an, uh, adult domain catering to transexuals.  Now, I'm cool with everyone living their lives however they want.  That's what freedom is all about. 

But why the sudden interest in Propnomicon among the intersexed?

The gaffs.  In particular, the combination of the words "latex" and "gaff".  Much to my surprise a latex gaff isn't always a Fiji Mermaid or shrunken head.  It's also a device used by cross dressers to make their manparts disappear.   From a quick Googling it appears there's quite a bit a craftsmanship involved in making the more upscale ones.

I probably won't be posting a link to a tutorial on making one of those anytime soon.


Liam Lavandowska said...

I love it when you update us all on what's happening behind the scenes, especially when things like this happen.

Joseph White said...

I know I stumbled on to your blog a few years back looking up something unrelated.

I suppose Luker's are good no matter where they come from.

Propnomicon said...

@ Liam Lavandowska

The excitement never stops here at Propnomicon command. Heh.

@ Joseph White

According to the statcounter at least a few of those folks stayed for a while and browsed the archives. I credit the universal appeal of Cthulhu.

And by "appeal" I mean "mind shattering threat".

Anonymous said...

A fiji mermaid-themed device to make manparts disappear? A million dollar idea!

Lord Auron said...

The more you know...


Naamah said...

. . . Oh dearie me. *winces* That's . . . mighty unexpected, there. I can't help but laugh. Inappropriate search terms are always good for comedy gold. Or some really, really disturbing imagery. See, now I'm picturing a codpiece with tentacles, or a little anglerfish lure, so, you know, thanks for that. Eeeeeecccchhhh.

Just FYI, though a ton of porn uses "transsexual" most transgender folks these days really prefer "transgender." (As in "a transgender person," not "a transgender.")

"Intersexed" is a whooooole 'nother kettle of fish involving a spectrum of physical/genetic conditions, and as a physical condition, isn't actually inextricably linked with being transgender/genderqueer/what-have-you.

Sorry to be serious and pedantic, but we do get around. (I'm some flavor of genderqueer, in as much as any label works. *raises hand* *throws glitter*) Through disrupting now, back to our regularly scheduled derangement. Thank you.