Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Bestiarius Edition.

I weep at the thought we'll never see the final version of this Cthulhu idol from Bestiarius. The skin texture alone is amazing.


Markus said...

Great to see you have covered my little C´thulhu just a day after I uploaded it. I have only quite recently started an account at deviantART, and I´ll upload some more stuff which could be interesting for readers of Propnomicon. I made two little C´thulhu idols some time ago, but they were highly stylized.

Daddy Grognard said...

There's an elephantine vibe to this one that brings the words "Chaugnar Faugn" to mind.

Barry John said...

Oh no. What a shame! That looks awesome!

Phil said...

Amazing work Markus!The ridges and folds of the skin are downright amazing.

Markus said...

It´s very nice to see you like my model, especially the skin structure. I tried to give it a more structured skin, as Lovecraft described C´thulhu with scales and compared it with a dragon. So I wanted to find a combination of scale-like elements with softer parts. However, my personal imagination is that C´thulhu would not have "fish-scales" which are stereotypically depicted on many reptiles (actually, most reptiles don´t have such scales at all), but more something comparable to the armoured skin structures of certain starfish for example.
At the time when I sculpted it, I just wanted to see how it would turn out at this design, and it was only meant to be some kind of maquette, but I sculpted more and more on it, but it had neither an internal armature nor something to hold it for a further sculpting process. So I wasn´t able to finish it, and anytime I just recycled it.
However I´ve now started to recsulpt it, based on the photos I have taken at that time, but now with an armature and also a somewhat bigger body. I´ve already finished around as much as I had on version I, but it will be a little bit bigger.

When it comes to elephantine space gods, you have also to remember the amazing creature from Robert E. Howard´s "The Tower of the Elephant" of course.