Thursday, April 26, 2012

Steamtech Battle Mask

The "It's a trap!" collective brings us this tutorial on crafting a steamtech battle mask. Sadly, there are lots of steampunk props made out of junk that look terrible because the creators are lazy. This demonstrates that there's no excuse for that kind of work. If you value craftsmanship and creativity you can get good results from the humblest of materials.


Phil said...

I have a hard time criticizing anyone who's making an effort to be creative and make their own props, even if their work is poor. Even the pro's had to start somewhere.

Of course, I'm not excusing people who glue random crap together and try to pass it off on Etsy.

Thats why I'm grateful for videos like this. It provides inspiration, and new techniques to try. So many thanks Prop!

Jeff said...

Very Nice. One thing I have found I really like to use when antiquing pieces like this especially ones that are metallic in color. Is brown shoe polish. It really helps them look like aged metal.