Friday, March 23, 2012

Essex County Autopsy Report

I only recently stumbled across Dean Engelhardt's Cthulhu Reborn blog, which features reboots of some classic Call of Cthulhu scenarios. They include a slew of supporting paper props and handouts that really kick up the immersiveness of the stories, like this excellent Essex County Autopsy form.

"You don’t have to run many Cthulhu scenarios set in Lovecraft Country before you start having a need for a prop form describing an autopsy conducted by the Essex County Medical Examiner. Most of the core of fictional Lovecraft Country (in particular Arkham, Kingsport and Innsmouth) lie within the real-world Essex County of Massachusetts … so its the unfortunate authorities from that part of the world who get to investigate the somewhat-higher-than-average rate of bizarre murders and attacks by animals which seem to bear no relationship to any known species."

Click over there to find the high resolution version, in both light and heavy wear versions. If you're a Call of Cthulhu player you should probably plan on spending some time, since it's absolutely bursting with great game material.


B.R. said...

Autopsy reports? That's friggin' awesome.

Alex Kaeda said...

Things like this always make me think of what all would be needed for a prop set focused on the City of Arkham/"Lovecraft County". blank police reports, detectives badge, autopsys, rap sheets, private investigator licenses, so on and so forth.

Excellent Find, Propnomicon!

Dean Engelhardt said...

Hey Propnomicon,

Thanks for linking to my blog, Cthulhu Reborn: hopefully people will find some of the free items I've uploaded useful in their own projects.

FYI: in response to recent attention received by the Autopsy form, I have recently posted an example of a prop I created using it. I've also put up some thoughts on the pursuit of realistic typeset handwriting.

Thanks again!