Monday, July 18, 2011

Heavy Artillery

CoastConFan has an interesting look at the massive LeMat revolver, a gun that pretty much defines "handcannon".


CoastConFan said...

A nice write up of a modern firing reproduction of the original LeMat is at I sold my Italian firing repro because of the huge price drop between new in the box and fired. I just couldn’t pull the trigger and lose $200 plus in value. Famous men who used the LeMat revolver include: J.E.B Stuart, M Gen Bragg & Gen Richard Anderson.

A pretty good non-firing replica for prop use can be found at and I’m sure there are other sources for these and other non-firing prop guns. You may have to build your own holster for this rig since it won’t fit into a conventional one. But that would be a great project for the leather workers out there.

Mik said...

Not sure if this would fit, described as Le Mat holster:

josefk said...

The replicas look great for the money (meaning the non-firing replicas)
I can't imagine what an orignal would cost. For odd firearms I've always liked the Webley-Fosbery 455 Automatic Revolver.