Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Vampire Hunting Kit

I don't have a very high opinion of most "vampire hunting kits", but I like this one on Flickr.

Click through on the link and you can see a small gallery of shots and a running commentary from the creator about putting it together. I really like the attention to detail, something that many projects of this kind fail at, although the way the bottles are corked tweaks my believability sensor. What's going to keep them from spilling their contents all over the interior of the case while you're running hither and yon after your prey? Other than that minor quibble this is a pretty good example of what to include is a project like this.

I'm perpetually puzzled why anyone putting the effort into creating a "realistic" kit wouldn't obtain a period bible like this one. Vintage copies are readily available on Ebay, and the cheapest ones have already undergone extensive weathering (i.e. damaged, worn, and beat to hell). Traveling bibles from the 1800's are a particular bargain, with versions featuring brass corners and clasps going for less than $10.

The included stake and hammer set looks good and is a far cry from the rather lackadaisical approach that's all too common. The stakes actually have points, something far too many prop creators forget about, and the hammer transcends it's origins as a kitchen tool for cracking shellfish thanks to a coat of stain that matches the stakes. The handle still looks a bit thin for actual use, but it's better than the meat mallets and pall peen hammers I've seen some kits use.


Mik said...

I've noticed these kits here and there and have an urge to make one.

Another project to add to the list.

MattG said...

Hey, thanks for posting my kit! I stumbled upon your site through a link to your your tentacle tutorial, and was stunned to see a post about my own vampire kit. I made this as a gift for my Buffy-loving wife, and like all my projects, will never be considered complete. I agree about your criticism of the hammer - I'm constantly on the lookout for something better that will still fit in the box. I just started my own blog at props.lynkworks.com , so any updates will be posted both there and in my Flickr stream. You have an amazing blog here, keep up the good work!