Sunday, April 27, 2008

Call of Cthulhu Nazi Reanimation Project Footage

This is a compilation of film clips seized by Allied forces near the end of World War II at a Nazi research facility.

Most of the footage was damaged beyond repair, but the film that was salvaged offers conclusive proof that the Nazi reanimation project had progressed to the point of human trials before it was shut down.

Technical Note: This is extremely poor quality footage. The original negative appears to have suffered from extensive physical abuse and may have been irradiated at one point. The clips are presented without audio.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been experimenting with "props" that consist of video clips edited together from found footage. It seems like a natural technological progression from CoC's traditional paper props, particularly if you're running a Delta Green game. The main DG book makes passing mention of a semi-successful Nazi program to reanimate the dead, but I think that idea has a lot more gaming potential than that brief note would indicate. Video games and low-budget movies have helped make Nazi zombies a suprisingly popular meme that I think it would be interesting to develop.


Anonymous said...

Removed for Terms of Use violation? Ouch.

Graham said...

Looks like the video has been removed for some reason...